Away From Routine Chaos--

                            Away From Routine Chaos

This cool breeze makes my heart warm,
these nights bring light to my days,
these roads without destination gives a clarity about my life's destination

Let me own these with peace,
have a race of thoughts with all these.
My guitar gently weeps to say something
my camera slowly flashes to show something...

Still, I will be with these thoughts of my own
sitting beside fireside,
along the riverside
which keeps my routine world aside...


  1. Replies
    1. hehehe !! thankyou bro and a correction please its ecstatic not extatic :P

  2. Its nice.... Great expression Sharath..
    write more of your heart.. and live in it...

    A routine expression of heart ...
    A vivid touch of thought...

    1. thank you very much akka and you gave me two more lines for my writings (a routine ....touch of thought )

    2. A routine expression of heart,
      A vivid touch of thought.
      A metaphor, a simile,
      Or personification let it be.
      A shallow mourn,
      Or delightful rejoices.
      A dejection of the wrangle,
      An appreciation with glee.
      The warmth of the script,
      A tenderness as a gift...
      A play with all these emotions,
      Is a game all the poets play…..

      I have finished it by myself... :P :)

    3. <3 i dont have any words to say for that <3 except this symbol => <3

  3. Nice! keep writing and it will get best from better

  4. Nice Thought..keep active..all the best.


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