Be that someone to your life whom you want as someone --

Be That Someone You Are Searching for

The voices in our head will never ever let us sleep  peacefully and will never let us have those happy sweet dreams
Every day we carry them like a part of our body.
pretending "everything is fine" is habituated to us,
Smiling like "we don't have any problems" is our half-blood,
When we have a lot of things to break down...
But still, we stand straight to portray ourself strong.

But still those voices in our mind never let us take rest with peace
They follow
They torture
But we still stand and fight !!
Fight for respect
Fight for  love
Fight for care
Fight for recognition
Fight just to say that you are alive
But in all these ........the most important thing you need
The support you want
The encouragement you crave for
Will never be with you !!

And you end up lying alone
With some people around but not yours
Neither they understand
Neither they care
Nor you can express

These voices in your head
Sometimes just give a clue to end up
End up everything
Leave everything
Forget everyone
And just quit
Yea you read it right
It says you to just quit

These voices in you head never
Lets you to express
Never lets you smile happily
Never let you be comfortable
because they scare you
It makes you feel like
"If you show the wound on your heart and the bruises on your soul to someone  with whom you become close ...they will leave you again just with Another scar and a bruise "
Yea it hurts !!
But these voices in your brain doesn't let you break
They make you so reserved that ...that you can't even share anything with your own self ...

The voices in your brain confuses you
Depress you
Cover the real you
But still, you live
You live with a hope
That some day, someone will understand the pain you take
Some one will Give you what you need
Some one will Try to comfort you

But these voices in your mind always give u an idea to quit ...and just quit but still you
Stand straight, like a person with no fear, with no sadness, full of strength
But no one can see the real person hidden behind that fake mask
But still, these voices follow you
Life goes on ...
Your hope be the same,
But these voices in the brain have the hope that one day you will end up !!
But your bruised soul says you to stand up and fight and achieve something

But what can you do ??
All you feel is
Empty ,broken,depressed,valueless, worthless,sucidal ,angry ,alone,hurt ,lonely,upset,screaming ,dead and whatnot?

all you can say to yourself is to be that someone to your life whom you want as someone
Yea, be that someone to your life whom you want as someone because 
No one can understand you the way you do
No one will care for you in the way you do for yourself
And Finally if you can't love yourself  and make yourself as the #1 priority they why are you expecting someone else to do so ..


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