A Broken Soul Or A Robot ??--

A Broken Soul Or A Robot ??

There's a lot hidden deep inside the broken soul
the thing is that he/she can't express because
he/she was not habituated to it or he/she didn't feel secure with anyone or may be no one made him/her feel like expressing things will make a person peaceful ...
all he/she knew was
he/she, hiding his/her every feeling deep down and smiling like a person with happiness in every cell of his body ...
but if you can break that fake heart which shows that fake happiness once!
you will see a baby crying for care, a child crying for love, or may be a unexpressive face which does not even have the idea of how to express !!
all he/she knew was ....locking him/her up inside a close room filled  with darkness when the sun starts fading,
and a pillow held close to his/her heart with its tip chocking his mouth so that his/her yelling and screaming will not be heard by other !!
he/she cries ......and the only thing who knew it was...
his/her broken soul, his/her feeling less heart, that pillow which is washed and dried with his/her tears and that dark room
which can see him/her .. the real him/her...
many things stopped him/her from expressing his/her feeling ...
may be he/she was the second born so he/she didn't get the apt attention he/she needed
may be he/she was the second born which made his/her parents more protective
may be his/her parent's protective nature which didn't allow him/her to express his/her likes and preferences
may be the society which makes every one flock like pigeons in a group
may be his/her elder sibling who never cared about their misbehavior's impact will ruin his/her(the younger one) freedom
may be he/she was fed up by fake friends
may be his/her love shattered his/her hearts pieces
may be his/her messed up life which doesn't give him/her peace
may be the social elements which say only science will fetch a life
may be his/her missing passion which he/she is not allowed  to follow
may be he/she knew too much at an early stage
may be because of the fact that "strong people don't cry "
may be because of all the temporary people he/she saw in her/his life !!
many things ...
And they call him/her a loner and a person who won't express
but the fact is that
his/her pillow, the locked dark room, and his/her broken heart knew all the pain and feeling he/she has !!


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