A village of simpletons is what a heart needs---

A village of simpletons is what a heart needs...

                                                                                                          -Sangha Mokshavi

Walking on the street thinking what to do with life….
Things haven’t changed much, but thoughts have changed a lot….
Life gave a lot of chances and snatched, which were unrecoverable…
Life broke him into pieces scattered everywhere, few lost, few to be put in place with…
As he passed streets, traveling through the world, walking miles and miles…
Restless in thoughts, speechless in words….
All through his journey he met a hundred,
Few praised, few laughed, few sympathize, and few walked away…
On contrast, he spoke to make the other joy or satisfy what they wanted….
After traveling for years,
A day came when he smiled from deep of his heart,
The smile with a year old holding his hand,
Speaking words which mend all the broken, shattered pieces of heart…
When he soon realized it as his childhood, 
With the joy of living, 
With a hope of life,
With an art of smiling,
With an opinion of help,
With a choice of salvation,
He returned home in Renaissance…..


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