Lessons from your path leads to the Song in your destiny--

Lessons from your path leads to the Song in your destiny

He was not born with a silver spoon
A simple guy not aware of happiness.
The feeling of love which was never experienced.
His emotions, no one ever cared,
Preferences which were never respected.
All he knew was to walk alone ...
All alone miles and miles,
Searching reasons for his existence...
Few crossed and gave deep scars, 
Deep cuts that never recovered.
Heart shattered into pieces.
He strived all possible ways in search of his destiny,
But never realised, he was the destiny he was searching all the tim....

those endless paths taught him many lessons

the lesson of trust , taught him that nothing lasts forever
the lesson of solitude taught him to stay alone or get betrayed
the lessson of love taught him that loving someone more than us will just disappoint us
the lesson of relations taught him that those bond are just materialistic
the lesson from tears taught him that they are the symbol of weakness
the lesson of criticism taught him that there exists a so called society when you do something wrong
the lessons of preferences taught him that whatever  you prefer does sounds good untill and unless they contradict with their preferences
the lesson of priorities taught him that you will be a priorityy just in that intervals when they need you.

but his destiny plays a different song for him

the song of trust, says him that being alone all the time is not a good sign of being a human
the song of love conveyed that love never disappoint us but loving a wrong person does
the song of relations said him that true relationship is known when we are in our deep sadness
the music of tears said him that tears are the reason which shows how strong a person is
the beat of criticism said him that the one who is jealous of your hike will create the environment called society to bring us down
the song of happiness said him that happiness is what you think about it but not what you learn about it
the song of preferences said him that everything is fair until your preferences doesn't hurt someone else
the song of priorities said him that you should be you #1 priority to avoid disappointment

he was confused between the lesson of his path towards his destiny and the song of his destiny

but least did he knew that the path is the only reason to reach his destiny.


  1. Its beautiful sharth... keep writing more.. all the best :)


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