Yes, she is a girl child --

Yes, she is a GIRL CHILD

                                                                                                                         -by Sangha Mokshavi

Finally, the wait ended,
A joy, pride to family,
An embrace of the mother,
A paradise to the father,
Joy spread everywhere….
Around this spread a wretched statement,
It was a baby ‘GIRL’.
Tears rolled down the cheeks,
Of the gorgeous looking happy mother,
With her adorable baby in hands….
Annoyed with the abject statements,
Replied the proud father of the girl child….
“Help your child to walk, even if she falls down…
Teach to fly, not how fear of flying is…
Preach her religion, not caste rather humanity…
Listen to her emotions, not their impact in society….
Give her time, not reasons to spend time with….
Help her to express, at least to heal…
Make her a leader, to lead unlike deceive…
Let her be social, not judgemental in society…
Teach her to live, not the miseries of life….
Educate her gender equality, not the superiority within it…. “


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